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Benefits of Preschool Sports

Benefits of Preschool Sports

Should you enroll your preschooler in sports and athletic activities? Though it may seem a little early to get your child involved in sports, there are actually lots of benefits to playing sports at a young age. If you don’t think your child is ready for organized sports with other young children, you should still consider playing sports with him or her at a park. Engaging in athletic activity outside is very important for your preschooler’s development, and it can be a lot of fun too. Read on to learn about some of the other reasons why you will want your child playing sports.

Social Development and Benefits

At that age, it’s unlikely that your child will be able to learn all of the rules of football or basketball. With that being said, they can start to learn the most basic versions of these rules, and this can be really important for their social and emotional development. Playing games of any kind is especially important for children when they are between three and five years old. When they start to play games, they will learn about following rules, taking turns, working with others, and how to win and lose. Sports can help your child learn these important lessons in a way that’s fun.

Great for Their Health

Playing and running outside will be really beneficial for your child’s health and physical development. Children are spending more and more time inside the house, and this is reducing the opportunities for them to develop strength, balance, and coordination. Being outside has numerous other benefits and can strengthen a child’s immune system. Recent research suggests that too much time inside is also having an effect on children’s vision and one of the leading causes of myopia in young children.

Meeting New Friends

Preschool sports activities aren’t about competition or winning and losing. They’re about giving your child a chance to play and learn with others. Learning a sport with other children his age is a great way for him to meet other kids and make a few friends. It’s also a great way for you to make friends too. In some cases, these friendships can last for years going from preschool enrichment to recreational leagues to travel teams.

Boosting Their Self-Esteem

There are dozens of studies that show the effects of sports on a child’s self-esteem. Giving your child an opportunity to play with others and compete can have powerful effects on your child’s confidence, even at a very young age. Preschool sports won’t include a lot of championships, shootouts, or other intense moments, but there will be ample opportunities to cheer, get high-fives, and have fun with other children. It’s a win-win for all the kids and parents involved.

Building Familiarity With Sports and Athletics

Sports aren’t important for every person or family, but they remain a huge force in American culture. Playing, watching and talking about sports create opportunities for people to meet others, communicate with them, and create lasting friendships.  Children who don’t have a familiarity with sports or have confidence playing or talking about them may feel a bit out-of-place in some social situations. Giving them that knowledge and experience isn’t absolutely necessary, but it can be really helpful.

Preschool sports programs provide a safe and low pressure environment for your child to first learn about sports and how to play cooperatively with others. At such a young age, there’s almost no pressure to win, so children can focus on playing the game and having fun. Making sure that your child is physically active at a young age is very important and makes it more likely that they continue to be active as they grow older.

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