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How Can Individuals Receive Quality Touches on the Ball on Their Own Over the Winter Months?

How Can Individuals Receive Quality Touches on the Ball Over the Winter Months?

Skyline recently announced that we have partnered with TopYa!, a platform that embraces sports through technology. TopYa! provides soccer skill videos and athletic training videos to practice via an app. Players can watch a quick skills video, film themselves performing that skill or trick, and upload their video to receive feedback on how they performed it. Players can then earn points and collect prizes for successfully completing the skills.


By using TopYa!, Skyline Soccer wants to motivate players to spend more time with the ball. This Fall season, our players have completed over 300 skill videos! We hope to see this number skyrocket over the winter months, showing how much our players are working to develop their skills during this time. After the Fall season and prior to the Spring season, there is no better time for our players to use TopYa!

If you have not signed up and wish to do so, please reach out to the appropriate Director of Coaching who can get you started with the app:

Contact your corresponding Director of Coaching or Skyline’s Technical Director, George Pavlantos (, with any questions!
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