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Denver’s Best Youth Soccer Referee Program

About the Referee Program

Skyline develops its referees through a bottom-up approach, providing instruction and experience at the developmental level. Skyline Board Members and coaches actively participate in observing and nurturing the referees on the fields. With experience and growth, referees are promoted to competitive level games which their skills and talents are closely matched to the skills level of each game.

For additional information, please contact Skyline Referee Assignor Sonja Urano.

Sonja’s contact information: 307-421-5691 or

Certification Courses


Grassroots-First – time Referees

This course is for new, first time referees that have not been previously certified or registered.

Grassroots referees can officiate competitive, small-sided or recreational youth and amateur adult matches.


In order to certify as a First Time Grassroots Referee, you must meet the follow eligibility standards:

  • 13 years or older




All you have to do is click the link  to begin the US Soccer Grassroots Referee Course at the US Soccer Learning Center.

Once you have completed those modules, return here and click the Field Training link below to choose an in-person clinic, pay the required fees and the system will guide you through the remaining online portions of the course.

You must start the coursework three days before the field session and all online modules must be completed BEFORE attending the field session you have chosen.


REIMBURSEMENT:  New Refs, upon successfully completing the referee-training course you will receive a black referee badge with a current year from US Soccer Federation.  For referees who sign up to ref with Skyline will be reimbursed for 50% of their course fees after proof of course completion is shown. Those who work a minimum of 12 games in a season for Skyline, the remainder of course fees can be reimbursed once the 12 games are verified.

Questions: for more information.

Colorado Registration System – Officials Management Solution (OMS)

This online registration system is where referees will register and make payment for online education, referee training on field & in classrooms, register for fitness tests, request on field evaluations for upgrade, upload your SafeSport certificate, maintain correct contact information for Assignors and more.  (OMS is taking the place of CRA Group 1279 in GameOfficials for Registration & Learning).


2020 Recertification

Step 1 – Register & Pay in OMS

Every currently registered referee exists in the OMS Registration System.  

Haven’t logged in yet?  Take time to check it out now…

Your OMS Username: R(+ Your 16 Digit US Soccer ID Number with no dashes)

Your OMS Password: is your Last Name

Update these to your personal preference when you log in for the first time.


Login to OMS Here:


Register for this Course

Referee – Grassroots Referee Recertification SA-47-1219-ORGR — Online Only — , CO ONLINE ONLY


Step #2 – US Soccer Learning Center

The Learning Center is where online education is provided to all referees across the US.  The Grassroots Course must be completed in the Learning Center as part of your 2020 referee recertification.


You will establish a Profile in the Learning Center (unless you already have a profile, this is possible if you have a coaching license).  

The Learning Center is where you will complete online course work, complete background checks, access resources, view and print copies of your license certificates.

Establish your Learning Center Profile at:

Select Referee Program, either Sign Up or Sign In

Learning Center Profile Instructions Here


If you are a currently registered Grade 8 Referee who is age 18 or older – this next section applies to you for 2020 recertification.


SafeSport (Age 18 & Older)

New requirement for ALL US Soccer Referees age 18 or older: you must successfully complete the SafeSport Training.  

Have you completed SafeSport previously or for another organization? Great, simply upload your completion certificate in OMS.  After completion of your initial SafeSport training a brief refresher is required annually.

SafeSport is complete in the US Soccer Learning Center 

Courses — Available Courses — Supplemental Courses — Select SafeSport —


After completion of your SafeSport Training or Refresher Course – download & save a copy of your completion certificate.  Your certificate will be uploaded into OMS.


In the US Soccer Learning Center you can provide your SafeSport Training ID

On your Learning Center Profile page — I’ve Already Done SafeSport — Enter ID from your Certificate


Background Screening (Age 18 & Older)

US Soccer requires the NCSI background screening.  This screening is initiated in the Learning Center when viewing the Available Courses tab.  The NCSI screening is a separate payment from any course registration and is paid the US Soccer Learning Center.  NCSI Screening Instructions here. Yes, there is a fee for the screening, there has always been a fee for a background check included in your registration fee, but it was part of one payment.  Going forward the screening is a separate payment and it is good for two years.


  • Login to US Soccer Learning Center
  • Profile Page
  • Background Screening box in the lower right corner of your screen — follow prompts.

U.S. Soccer Learning Center


The U.S. Soccer Learning Center, a learning management system designed to house all U.S. Soccer educational programs. Starting with coaching and referee programs, sign-up for a free account and you can take part in online courses, browse for in-person courses in your area, and track your U.S. Soccer licenses and other certifications.

On completion of your Grassroots certification referee badge, you should establish communication with Skyline’s Soccer Associations Referee Assignor Sonja Urano. Let her know that you want to work with Skyline and you are a registered Grassroots referee ready to work. Sonja will confirm your current registration from the list of referees provided by the State Referee Administrator.

Communication is key! Referees must constantly communicate accurate availability to Sonja  to let her know you are or are not available for games. Skyline uses

Sonja’s contact information: 307-421-5691 or

Setting up your GoPay Information

  1. Login with your username and password at
  2. Make sure you are logged in as an Official
  3. Under Personal Info, click on My Payments
  4. You will need to fill out the GoPay User Agreement if this is the first time setting up GoPay. Click on Show User Agreement. To complete the User Agreement, click I Agree.
  5. To setup your pay method, on your GoPay page, click on Add New Pay Method.
  6. Under Enter New Payment Method, select either Checking or Savings (for Direct Deposit), or Check by Mail.
  7. Click Continue
  8. Fill in your pay method details.
    • For Direct Deposit, fill in your bank account information (bank name, routing number, account number and account billing address).
    • For Check by Mail, fill in the mailing address where you would like GameOfficials to mail your check.
  9. Click Continue
  10. Complete the Payment Authorization page by checking the box for I Understand and agree with the terms above, as well as the Authorized Users Signature and Today’s Date.
  11. Click Save (Confirm Payment Method), and you’re all setup!

Important Info

  • Once Skyline processes payments for your games, you will receive an email notification from GoPay letting you know that you have funds available in your GoPay account.
  • For Direct Deposit, funds can be released to your bank account daily. There is no additional charge from GameOfficials when using direct deposit as a pay method. It can take your bank 1-2 business days for your payment to show on your account statement.
  • For Check by Mail, you will be able to click on a Request Funds button each time you would like GameOfficials to mail you a check. There is a $5.00 deduction from your total payment when mailing a check. All checks are mailed weekly as first class mail with the U.S. Postal Service and may take an additional 2 – 4 weeks to arrive.

Give all of the clubs/CSA/tournaments at least 5 business days (not including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) after the processing date to fund the payroll.

Your referee assignors are not responsible for referee pay, they just process the games and submit to the club or league for funding.

CSA Referee Bonus Information

Colorado Soccer Association and the Colorado Referee Committee have approved an “end-of-season” bonus to encourage referees to officiate multiple league matches.

Qualifying games include those worked in the Colorado Champions League (CCL), Centennial League(CENT), Secondary League (SLA/SLB) and the Mountain Region Leagues (MRL).

Escalating End-of-Season Bonus Pay

Number of League Matches Officiated

Per Season


End-of-Season Bonus

Between 20 – 29 Matches


Between 30 – 39 Matches


Between 40 – 49 Matches


Over 50 Matches


Front Range League (FRL), club in-house games, adult leagues, high school and tournament games DO NOT qualify for the bonus program.

Games worked as the center referee or the assistant referee qualify for the bonus program. A minimum of 20 games is required to earn the bonus. The 20 games can be combined games in all of the qualifying leagues.

How to claim your bonus

Center referees on all Recreational games (U9 and above) will be USSF certified. In the event that a qualified team of officials are not available, the following requirements have been approved in order to provide club trained substitutions.

Intermediate and Recreational Teams (U9-U18): All U9-U18 Intermediate and recreational teams must provide two volunteers who will attend linesman training and will be available at all home and away games to run the line if requested by the referee.

Recreational Teams (U6-U8): Skyline utilizes volunteers to officiate the fun games that take place from U6-U8. We offer a “rules class” for volunteers willing to help out with this aspect of our program. We provide a whistle and age appropriate rules.

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