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New Educational Videos

Skyline Soccer Educational Videos

Skyline Soccer Association has released a new series of videos in an effort to further educate, players, parents and coaches. This new video series will focus on important topics that are helping to shape today’s youth player development. Among these, Player Safety, Player Development, and Player, Parent Coach Relationships will be a great resource for all, as the Club begins to address some of the most frequently asked questions, and common misconceptions.

“As the digital world continues to evolve, video will become a more important media for us to deliver our message through,” says Jonni Thordsen-McCabe, Executive Director for Skyline Soccer Association. Watch time on YouTube alone has swelled to 500 million hours a day (Business Insider, Feb 1, 2016). Therefore, “it’s critical that going forward we can leverage the use of this media to better communicate and service our audience.”

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