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Skyline Embraces US Soccer Grassroots

Skyline Embraces US Soccer Grassroots

Written by George Pavlantos, Skyline’s Technical Director

What is Grassroots Soccer?

US Soccer has recently put a massive emphasis and resources into Grassroots.  Research behind Grassroots has lead it to be one of the best teaching models for coach and player development – similar models have been adapted by many of the top soccer countries worldwide.  Grassroots is primarily for 6U – 13U age levels; however, can also encompass players above the age of 13U through high school age levels. Grassroots is an ideal platform for coach and player development for nearly every coach and player at Skyline.

Skyline’s Grassroots Goal?

Skyline will strive to be a national leader in Grassroots Coaching and Player Development.

Player Development Philosophy?

“At the Grassroots level, children learn and develop to their full potential through game-like experiences in an enjoyable environment that supports individual growth.” US Soccer

What does this mean for my child?

Skyline’s Technical Director has been traveling and studying to be an US Soccer Grassroots Instructor.  His knowledge is currently being passed down to each Director of Coaching (DOC) so they can implement it within their respective programs.  The Technical Director and DOCs will be working very closely in passing along US Soccer’s Grassroots philosophy and methodology to its paid and volunteer coaches.  Skyline’s goal is that this new philosophy and methodology will soon be filtering into every player in the club.

DOCs will also implementing this curriculum into their SKILLS programs and into Age Group Training (AGT).  By doing so, DOCs will be able to better teach Grassroots to its SKILLS Coaches and Team Coaches within these respected programs to make sure the philosophy and methodology is being taught correctly to our players.

What does this mean for me as a coach?

This Fall, there were a number of opportunities offered to our paid and volunteer coaches.  There are online courses available within their playing format of 4v4, 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11 (approx. two hours per course online).  Skyline hosted Colorado Soccer Association (CSA) 7v7 and 9v9 in-person courses this past season (approx. 4 hours per in-person course).

In the Spring, Skyline will continue to offer online and in-person courses.  In addition, the club will offer a one-hour, in-person, condensed version of Grassroots for those coaches who don’t have the time to take the full course.  Grassroots curriculum will become readily available for all its coaches at every age level.

Skyline fully supports Grassroots as it’s been proven as one of the best models for coach and player development.

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