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Skyline International Player Signs with Western Nebraska Community College

Skyline International Player Signs College Letter of Intent

Skyline International recently had their first player sign a college letter of intent. Viktor Kravets came to the United States in 2012 from Belarus, Russia and will soon be on his way to Western Nebraska Community College to play soccer. We are very proud of all the hard work this young man has put into reaching his goal!

Viktor shared a little bit of his journey with us:


When I moved to the U.S. It was really tough because I didn’t  speak or understand English.  It was a different country and different language. It was really stressful. I didn’t have friends because I didn’t know the language so it was really hard, so stressful, and depressing. Every time I would come from school, teachers gave me homework to read, like a small article, and my dad would make me translate every word and memorize it, and that would take me around 4 hours a day!  I hated to do so much work and at some points, I thought I would never learn English!  When I went to high school I tried really hard and I didn’t earn good grades.  Sophomore year I gave up on my dreams and my academics suffered.  Due to my grades, junior year I got cut form JV and that’s when Skyline International offered me to play.  First I had to qualify academically and the club gave me an opportunity to play.  I picked up my grades and was allowed to play soccer again.  My grades were not bad due to my work ethic I just needed time to learn the language.  Soccer is my passion and I appreciated the support that provide Skyline International to help me reach my academic and athletic goals.

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