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Skyline International Adds New Staff Member

Skyline International Adds New Staff Member

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Skyline International is proud to announce a new hire part time hire, Wilmer Barrera. He will oversee coaching and player development for our International program. Wilmer is a former professional soccer player from his home country in Honduras and the United States. His professional soccer career ended in 2008 and since then has been pursuing his US coaching licenses, most recent attaining his B license from the United States Soccer Federation. He is trilingual speaking English, Spanish and Portuguese. He also is a Spanish teacher at Grandview High School in Cherry Creek School District. He also has been coaching for more than 10 years at the club and High School levels.

His vision is to provide high quality soccer program participation, improving athletic habits, and increase the awareness of appropriate development in soccer and physical activity for underprivileged youth of Denver and the surrounding areas. His goal is to combine his wide range of experience with all those he comes in contact with.

Skyline Soccer Association and Skyline International are excited about our new addition to the Skyline family.  He is moving his family from Michigan and will be joining us in mid July, just in time for our fall season.

Welcome Wilmer!

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